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By Lobsang Rampa

Lobsang Rampa's trip keeps as he travels from Korea into Russia, all through Europe, crusing to america, ultimately finishing up in England. Lobsang endures catch and additional torture till he once more, escapes by means of using luxurious vehicles. during this ebook Lobsang inhabits (transmigration) the physique of an English guy (Cyril Henry Hoskins) wanting to go away this international, allowing Lobsang to proceed his specific activity. initially released in 1960.

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was once a author who claimed to were a Lama in Tibet prior to spending the second one a part of his lifestyles within the physique of a British guy. Cyril Henry Hoskin (8 April 1910 – 25 January 1981) defined himself because the "host" of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. The identify Tuesday pertains to a declare within the 3rd Eye that Tibetans are named after the day of the week on which they have been born.

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The Rampa Story

Lobsang Rampa's trip maintains as he travels from Korea into Russia, all through Europe, crusing to the us, eventually finishing up in England. Lobsang endures catch and extra torture till he once more, escapes by way of riding luxurious autos. during this publication Lobsang inhabits (transmigration) the physique of an English guy (Cyril Henry Hoskins) wanting to depart this global, allowing Lobsang to proceed his distinct activity.

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With that he hastened away. For a time the corporal stood wide-eyed. “Me, a sergeant? ” he said, turning to me, “You tame the dogs and every man of the Frontier Patrol will be your friend. ” We turned and went out to the trailer of the half-track. I fondled the three dogs, letting them lick me, letting them put their smell on me. Then, with the three dogs jostling and bounding around me, I went to the barred entrance of the enclosure. Armed guards stood by in case any dog escaped. Quickly the gate was opened a trifle, and I was roughly thrust inside.

Always, until now, Tibet has been shut off from foreigners, and our fauna and flora have never been explored by the foreigners. On the high plateaus grow strange plants. Curare, and the “recently discovered” mescalin, for instance, were known in Tibet centuries ago. We could cure many of the afflictions of the Western world, but first the people of the Western world would have to have a little more faith. But most of the Westerners are mad anyway, so why bother? Every year parties of us, those who had done best at their studies went on herb-gathering expeditions.

Darkness was falling when the last frayed strand parted, and I was able, with immense effort, to prise up an edge of the canvas and crawl inside. Inside, as I fell to the floor, a man jumped at me, flailing a piece of sharp steel at my throat. Instinct and habit came to my rescue, and the man was soon nursing a broken arm and moaning. Two other men came at me, one with an iron bar and one with a broken jagged bottle. To one with my training, they presented no real problem, and they were soon disarmed.

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