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By Robert Nozick

In accordance the Greek mythology, the rationality was once represented through Apollo, which intended the excellent perfection and the outstanding symmetry. during this experience, the writer continuously proposes hisproblems in a disconcertingly unique approach: " Why precisely should still we wish to act and think rationally ? ... Why should still we formulate ideas of motion and take a look at to stay to them ? "

As you recognize, the extra dialogue of those attention-grabbing matters might lead us to set up a wide alternate of rules.

"The guy is conservator by means of personal nature, but if this tendency weakens, the revolutions are inclined to shield it"
Ernesto Sabato

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25 A principle typically speaks of all the actions in a group, and it makes each present act stand for all. To perform its function of getting SUNK COSTS 21 one past temptations such as that of the B period, it must speak of all the actions of a certain kind. We do not have principles that say most P’s should be Q’s or 15 percent of P’s have to be Q’s. ) Sometimes, though, all we need is to perform an action some or most of the time (for example, skipping desserts most evenings, paying most of our bills each month).

It is unlikely that you will manage to stick to another principle if you could not stick to this one despite so much previous effort. Realizing this gives you much reason to hold on to this one—it’s the one life raft in sight—and therefore gives great weight to not violating it in the face of this particular temptation. Groupings of actions (in order to avoid immediate temptation) that we 24 HOW TO DO THINGS WITH PRINCIPLES have succeeded in following thereby gain a further tenacity. Notice that this involves a sunk cost phenomenon.

But formulating and accepting such a principle (alongside the action of taking the snack now) will not itself bring reward immediately or maximize reward over time. It does generally reduce delay in reward. But during period B, facing one particular temptation, do I want always to reduce delay for any and every reward? No. For although I am in that B period with respect to one particular reward, with regard to many other (pairs of) rewards I am in the A period (or the C period). With regard to these other, more distant pairs of lesser and greater, I do not now want always to take the more immediate reward, even though I do now wish to take one particular reward that is more immediate because I am in its B period.

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