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Compare a Nobel Committee for Psychology or Medicine or, more provocatively, a Nobel Committee for Psychosociophysiology or Medicine (Foss 1998). ” Once more, we can recognize the symptoms of model internalization. The word itself, “psychosocial,” tells the story. Tellingly, not convened was a task force on “Biopsychosocial” Issues in Medical Education, where the three components identified are understood as synergistically related. Or more pointedly, “Biopsychocultural” issues—to flag the difference between two sorts of behavioral variables that may influence disease susceptibility.

There, stereoscopically to re-view existing arrangements of information in light of an arrangement that makes best use of information now available. And in that light, to draft a blueprint for rebuilding the ship, mast and all, from the hull up. This page intentionally left blank. 2 The Question Never Asked The enabling question of pathology is the levels question: Which level(s) of functioning is relevant to a scientific explanation of pathogenesis? The premises of the received model predetermine the answer: the biological level.

Here, macrostates emerge that can exert some control over the microstates that produced them, the basis for affirming downward causation and so, derivatively, mind-body interaction. In this framework subjectivity, or top-down causality (emergentism), is in dialectical interplay with objectivity, or bottom-up causality (reductionism). Representing one instance of this interplay, mind-body interaction grounds a medical 10 THE END OF MODERN MEDICINE model that can both affirm that a patient’s mental-emotional states produce changes in the body and can affirm so scientifically.

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