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BAGNARA hypophysis and since iridophores and epidermal melanophores are under M S H control, the blanching reaction must be brought about b y a s u b ­ stance with a spectrum of action like that of melatonin. T h e response of secondary stage tadpoles to darkness is not duplicated b y melatonin for, in darkness, both dermal and epidermal melanophores are contracted ( H a d l e y , 1966). Since their iridophores also become dispersed under these conditions ( H a d l e y and Bagnara, unpublished) it appears that the b o d y blanching reaction of secondary stage tadpoles involves a "turn off" of M S H production.

1958). Hypophyseal control of guanophores in anuran larvae. J. Exp. Zool 137, 265-284. Bagnara, J. T . (1959). Observations on xanthophores and guanophores of anurans. Anat. Rec. 134, 531. Bagnara, J. T . (1960). Pineal regulation of the b o d y lightening reaction in amphibian larvae. Science 132, 1481-1483. Bagnara, J. T . (1961). Chromatotropic hormone pteridines and amphibian pigmenta­ tion. Gen. Comp. Endocrinol 1, 124-133. Bagnara, J. T . (1963). T h e pineal and the b o d y lightening reaction of larval amphi­ bians.

Effects of thyroxine on pigment synthesis have been noted in experiments on larvae of the salamander, Pleurodeles. Specific pteridine changes were induced in localized areas of the skin following the implantation of thyroxine-cholesterol pellets (Bagnara, 1964b). Effects of t h y roxine on physiological color change have been observed. Chang (1957) indicated that the blanching of frogs following administration of t h y roxine m a y be attributable to an inhibition of M S H release from the pars intermedia.

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