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By Gleb Anfilov, Translated from the Russian by Boris Kuznetsov

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Its volume and variety of tones made it welcome in large orchestras. The public came to like its beautiful and sonorous tone which was 51 unlike anything that had existed before. It could rise to a 'peal of thunder and then drop to a hardly audible pianissimo. The grand became the working instrument for composers and found its way into the homes of townspeople. The art of piano playing developed in big strides. A galaxy of pianists, headed by Liszt, won the same renown as the most celebrated singers and violin-players.

It may be added that later (in the 17th century) the concave bend, or "cambre", appeared. This was done so that when the stick was inadvertently flexed the hair would be stretched taut and not slackened. The Kiev fresco dates back to the late 11th ,century, while in Western Europe similar bows did not appear in paintings until the 16th century, five hundred years later! It is not at all unlikely, therefore, that the modern way' of violin playing was first used in ancient Rus. 35 Long ago the Southern Slavs liked to amuse themselves by "pulling a horse's hair across a sheep's gut".

Their number grew. There, the relatives of the Russian goudok came by a narrow waist like the guitar's and gave birth to the Polish Geige, the first established violin. 36 A BOOM IN CREMONA The violin carne of age in the 18th century, in the quiet and sun-lit town of Cremona. In the Piazza San Domenico (now the Piazza Roma) on the outskirts of that small community in northern Italy stood a three-storeyed wooden house. Right under the roof there was a room crowded with boards and blocks of wood.

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