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This quantity brings jointly quite a number interdisciplinary views on an issue of crucial significance, yet which has another way tended to be approached from inside only one or one other disciplinary framework. many of the essays contained the following contain some extent of interdisciplinarity of their personal procedure, however the quantity however divides into 3 major sections: Philosophical issues; Humanities methods; criminal, clinical, and healing contexts.

The quantity contains essays through philosophers, clinical practitioners and researchers, historians, legal professionals, literary, Classical, and Judaic students. The essays are united through a standard difficulty with the query of the human personality of ache, and the calls for that anguish, and the popularity of discomfort, make upon us.

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Indeed, according to Kierkegaard, such faith must be continually renewed. 4 Kierkegaard but the definitive suffering: the loss of eternal life… The only begotten Son was given to humanity primarily to protect man against this definitive evil and against definitive suffering’ ( John Paul 1982, Part IV). 3 Theodicy—[Greek] theos: God; and dike: Justice. See Leibniz (1952). 4 ‘The Moment’ ( Øieblikket—literally ‘the glint of an eye’) was Kierkegaard’s final publication. Not only did Kierkegaard refer to the ‘moment’ as such an intersection of time and Eternity, but used the publication as a platform to undertake his own intervention in Church politics.

Wege zur Befreiung. : Suhrkamp. Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1972.  II, § 11. Oxford: Blackwell. Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1999. Kritische Studienausgabe, 15 vols. Berlin: de Gruyter. Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1999a. Zur Genealogie der Moral.  5, II, § 3. Berlin: de Gruyter. Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1999b. Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Historie für das Leben.  1, § 1. Berlin: de Gruyter. Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1999c. Also sprach Zarathustra.  4. Berlin: de Gruyter. Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1999d. Jenseits von Gut und Böse.

By connecting the moment of suffering to a subsequent moment of Eternity, the former is necessarily subsumed under the faithful path to the latter. In this way, suffering denotes a means to an (eternal) end, functioning along the lines of a logic of utility. ) Primarily in his seminal essay ‘Useless Suffering’, Levinas provides an economy of suffering that emerges underneath a logic of utility, demonstrating the way in which such a logic undermines itself in the face of the suffering Other. With Levinas, it is no longer possible to maintain a conception of suffering that reduces suffering to an individual exercise of self-mastery; this would be in reality a disavowal of the primordial relationality underpinning human being.

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