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6. , 3, 4, 373b34, in Barnes, Complete Works, 602. ” 7. , 373a32–374a3, in Barnes, Complete Works, 602–3. 1b rainbow appears. But there is a constant pattern: in the primary rainbow, the color bands range from red at the top, to green in the middle, and to violet at the bottom. In the secondary rainbow, which lies above the primary one and is considerably fainter, the colors are reversed. The threefold pattern of colors seen in the primary rainbow depends on the ratio of the incident and reflected rays.

33, in De Lacy, Galen, 461. 58. 1–4, in De Lacy, Galen, 467. 59. 24, in De Lacy, Galen, 467. 60. De usu partium, 10, 12, in May, Usefulness, 492. “Most people pretending to some education,” Galen laments at the beginning of De usu partium, 10, 12, “not only are ignorant of [geometry] but also avoid those who do understand it and are annoyed with them” (May, Usefulness, 490). 61. , in May, Usefulness, 492–93. 62. , in May, Usefulness, 493.

10, 2, in May, Usefulness, 465–69. 47. , 10, 6, in May, Usefulness, 479. 48 A second, flimsier protection is provided by a partial extension of the choroid tunic over the front of the lens that forms what we now refer to as the iris. 49 The lens itself consists of a “moderately hard,” highly transparent gel called crystalline humor (krustalloeidēs) because of its ice-like, crystal clarity. The large cavity behind the lens is filled with vitreous humor (hualoeidēs), so called because of its glass-like appearance, and the small basin between the lens and the cornea is filled with a clear liquid (ōoeidēs) that has the consistency and transparency of egg white.

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