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This 2d, revised version continues to be the reference paintings to be had in print and electronically on Paracelsus by way of the Paracelsus authority. in addition, it makes a good learn. See additionally Pagel's final ebook The Smiling Spleen on Paracelsianism as a ancient phenomenon. '...a paintings within the marvelous culture of biographical learn ... even the informal reader can be inspired to benefit that, 4 centuries in the past, the fellow who had the braveness to burn in public the writings of Avicenna, acknowledged pulmonary sickness in miners as an occupational danger, cretinism and goitre as endemic in yes parts, and chorea and hysteria as manifestations of affliction, no longer demonic possession.' The Lancet

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The minutes ticked, ticked, ticked. At times, in medicine, you feel you are inside a colossal and impossibly complex machine whose gears will turn for you only according to their own arbitrary rhythm. The notion that human caring, the effort to do better for people, might make a difference can seem hopelessly naive. But it isn't. Magboo asked me if there was any real prospect of her having her operation that night. The likelihood, I said, had become exceedingly small. But I couldn't bring myself to send her home, and I asked her to hang on with me.

She woke up calmly as we put on the dressing. I saw her gazing upward at the operating light above her. "The light looks like seashells," she said. PART I Diligence On Washing Hands One ordinary December day, I took a tour of my hospital with Deborah Yokoe, an infectious disease specialist, and Susan Marino, a microbiologist. They work in our hospital's infection-control unit. Their full-time job, and that of three others in the unit, is to stop the spread of infection in the hospital. This is not flashy work, and they are not flashy people.

Yokoe and Marino hate this aspect of the job. They don't want to be infection cops. It's no fun, and it's not necessarily effective, either. With twelve patient floors and four different patient pods per floor, they can't stand watch the way Semmelweis did, scowling over the lone sink on his unit. And they risk having the staff revolt as his staff did against him. But what other options remain? I flipped through back issues of the Journal of Hospital Infection and Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, two leading journals in the field, and the articles are a sad litany of failed experiments to change our contaminating ways.

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