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Trenches were dug in the ground. Smoke from the chimneys lay over the low country for days. But the owners had been hasty to finish their work, Ephraim said. They had not bothered to burn the empty barracks before they rode off in their trucks and carriages. Ever since that time Ephraim had sheltered in the barn of a poor white farmer who was sympathetic to him. Ephraim trapped game in exchange for this modest shelter. Eventually the farmer lent him his rifle so that Ephraim could bring back an occasional deer as well as rabbits and birds.

Percy asked. 舡 舠Sheds would be acceptable,舡 Percy said, his weariness showing. 舠It舗s been a long haul for you, Tom. And not much substantial work. 舡 Though on this trip I had seen more open fields舒long since burned over and regrown舒than anything worthy of being immortalized. Places edited from history. Absences constructed as carefully as architecture. I had no reason to think Pilgassi Acres would be different. Š Percy seldom spoke out loud about the deeper purpose of his quest or the book he was currently writing.

The only blacks Elsebeth had seen were the day laborers who gathered on the wharves. Detroit housed a small community of Negroes who had come north with the decline of slavery, before Congress passed the Labor Protection Act. They did 舠the jobs white men won舗t do,舡 for wages to which white men would not submit. 舠You舗re very prettily dressed yourself,舡 Percy Camber said, ignoring the unintended insult. Š Maggie, my wife, had simply refused to see him. 舠I舗m not some radical old Congregationalist,舡 she told me, 舠eager to socialize with every tawny Moor who comes down the pike.

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