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By Horst Dietrich Preuss

Preuss's thorough research of the names, descriptions, services, and titles of God present in the outdated testomony makes this quantity the most effective assets on hand.

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However, this statement requires more precise explication lest it remain too general. 5 The Present Inquiry The present effort to set forth a "theology of the Old Testament" seeks to inquire after several related elements: the appropriate center for the Old Tes­ tament, the typical features of YHWH faith, and the decisive and formative components that comprise its fundamental structures. How does the Old Tes­ tament speak of God, that is, how is "theo-logy" expressed? How does the Old Testament present God as speaking and being spoken to?

Even so, any possible significance attributed to the chosen people's responsibility toward the foreign nations is passed by in silence. Is­ rael, first of all, must and ought to discover itself again. The statements about election (cf. also Deut. 4:34, 37; 10:15; and 14:2) may well contain older ma­ terials or at least presuppose their existence. 29 30 31 32 33 Then there is the expression the "place which YHWH chooses" (Deut. ). ). " This first, clearly articulated empha­ sis on election theology, occurring in a book that may not incorrectly be re­ garded as the "center" of the Old Testament, influences the Deuteronomistic History where one finds some twenty examples of the verb "elect" with God as the subject.

This awareness is there even when the prophet Jeremiah does not mention YHWH when he announces the com­ ing destruction. " 51 52 53 54 Election faith is ancient. Amos 3:2 and 6:1 presuppose it, as do Genesis 16 and 21, even if in a simple, conceptually undeveloped form. The conceptual clarification and persuasiveness of the theme of election continue to develop until it eventually reaches its climax in Deuteronomy and Deutero-Isaiah. The Old Testament speaks about election, before defining it. The belief in the real­ ity of election, the awareness of election, and the origin of community between God and the people within history are fundamental for the faith of the Old Tes­ tament, even if the term -irn = bdhar is later.

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