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By Martin Heidegger

Initially released in German less than the identify Holzwege, this choice of texts is Heidegger's first post-war paintings and comprises many of the significant expositions of his later philosophy. even supposing translations of the essays have seemed separately in quite a few areas, this can be the 1st English translation to convey them jointly as Heidegger meant. it's a useful source for all scholars of Heidegger, whether or not they research philosophy, literary conception, spiritual reviews, or highbrow heritage.

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1 900. Inadequate. 1 900. This means? Compare "The Thing": the fourfold [Gf-viert]. 19(io. The Event. T i lE O R I G I � OF THE WORK O F ART smashing the rock, then it shows us its pieces but never anything inward, anything that has been opened up. The stone has instantly withdrawn again into the same dull weight and mass of its fragments. If we try to grasp the stone's heaviness in another way, by placing it on a pair of scales, then we bring its heaviness into the calculable fonn of weight. This perhaps very precise detem1ination of the stone is a number, but the heaviness of the weight has escaped us.

Truth happens in the temple's standing there. This does not mean that something is correctly portrayed and reproduced here but rather that that which is as a whole is brought into unconcealment and held there. " Truth happens in van Gogh's paint­ ing. That does not mean that something present is correctly portrayed; it means, rather, that in the manifestation of the equipmental being of the shoe-equipment, that which is as a whole - world and earth in their coun­ terplay - achieves unconcealment.

This concealment is an obstructing [ Vente/1m]. If beings did not obstruct one another we could not err in seeing and doing, we could not go astray and transgress, and, in particular, could not overreach ourselves. That, as appearance, the being can deceive us is the condition of the possibility of our deceiving ourselves rather than the other way round. Concealment can be either a refusal or merely an obstructing. We are never really certain whether it is the one or the other. Concealment conceals and obstructs itself.

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