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By Duncan Barford

An come upon with the magical can switch a person’s existence eternally. Duncan Barford used to be certainly one of them: poltergeists, conversations with the useless, spirits of nature and of position, mystical states, lucid goals and out-of-body experiences.
In this e-book he explores the importance of reviews like those for our realizing of truth, and of ways his engagement with the theories and practices of western magick has built his perspectives.

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He suggests his theory might account for the “multi-dimensional” qualities of a haunting, which may include experiences of sounds, feelings, memories, and solid-looking imagery, rather than simply a two-dimensional form. My research into the geography of the area had revealed that the location satisfied a number of these criteria. The accidents in the bus lanes also took on a different meaning in the light of Graves’s suggestion that “hauntings” can be dangerous: [T]hey wait around like tape-recordings of very loud noises, to be set off by a trip-wire or a hidden beam; and 4 See, for instance, Tom Chetwynd’s A Dictionary of Symbols (1986: 422–424).

A witness] said: “She stepped out right into the path of a single-decker bus coming from her right. The driver did not have time to react at all” (Argus, 1st March, 2006). It is believed [she] may have walked out in front of the bus as it turned … (Argus, 8th August, 2006). I decided to do some magical work that might help prevent further deaths, but first it had to be determined whether there was anything at work that called for magick, or whether it was simply up to the council to make the road layout clearer.

It’s a fact that, socially, you don’t see people once they’re dead. ” Karen’s realization that beyond our culture there might lie a means of dealing differently with what had happened pointed a way towards her personal reconciliation with these events. But before we get to that part, our story takes an even murkier turn. My curiosity had been aroused by the area of the city in which the encounter had taken place. As soon as Karen mentioned where she had spoken with Dave, it hardly seemed surprising … In his book Daimonic Reality (2003), Patrick Harpur adopts a holistic approach to the paranormal.

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