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By William Lyne

This new 2010 third Revised version of Occult Ether Physics makes new breakthroughs in Tesla learn and the alien craft propulsion approach, whole with a lot documentation from the nineteenth century through the world's top scientists who have been engaged on this concept. locate the brilliant proof hid in heritage. Are those flying machines completely man-made? Are they falsely claimed to be "extraterrestrial" by means of "UFOlogists" or so-called "flying saucer experts"? Are those claimants really executive brokers? Did the Nazis gather this know-how from Tesla in a Los Alamos venture in 1936-38? widely illustrated and incorporates a ultimate bankruptcy at the Lyne Atomic Hydrogen Furnace invented by means of the writer in 1964 and released by way of the writer in 1997.

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As the ether enters a body at rest on earth, its displacement changes because of the change in dielectric constant, just as Maxwell said. As the dielectric constant of the body changes, the electric displacement of the ether within the entrained atomic structure of the body changes, creating a downward force as each of the negative electrical components of the ether move downward, creating an increased attractive force on protons above, and an increased repulsive force on electrons below. The moving ether particles create the gravity force, similar to how an inverted aerodynamic airfoil creates a down-force on an airplane.

Since all bodies at rest relative to the earth are already moving at the same "constant velocity" of the earth however, only changes in movement relative to the earth are at issue, and any such changes affect the patterns of flow within mass of the tubes of force, as it moves through the ether, at any given time. Since only a body which moves in respect to the earth has been traditionally said to have "momentum" ("the product of a body's mass and velocity"), this rule is wrong, since all bodies "at rest" relative to earth already have "momentum" as well as "inertia".

J. Thomson's theory, which linked electromagnetism with momentum in a mathematical and unified way, on paper, somewhat repeated Tesla's earlier lecture of 1891, proven by his earlier experiments, but Tesla's theory was different from Thomson's, whose theory was incorrect. Thomson's electromagnetic momentum could be created instantaneously only with Tesla's contrivances, which existed before Thomson's "discovery", only in Tesla's laboratory, so there is no 31 way that Thomson could have reduced "his" theory to practice or experimentally verified it.

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