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By William D. Davies

The papers during this quantity research the present function of grammatical capabilities in transformational syntax in methods: (i) via principally theoretical concerns in their prestige, and (ii) via designated analyses for a wide selection of languages. Taken jointly the chapters during this quantity current a finished view of how transformational syntax characterizes the elusive yet usually helpful notions of topic and item, analyzing how topic and item houses are dispensed between numerous sensible projections, converging occasionally particularly languages.

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E. overtly)". An alternative view (as represented by Bittner 1 988, Campana 1992, and Murasugi 1992) is what Campana characterizes as the "ergative-as-accusative" analysis, in which, under Minimalist assumptions, absolutive DPs have their features checked in spec,AgrS while ergative DPs have their features checked in spec,AgJO. • 1 MARK C. AATICAL RELAnONS One of the defining properties of the nan:owly Chomskian approach to syntax ' over the years has been its corrunitment to the idea that grammatical relations such as subject and object are not primitives of grammatical theory.

In this circumstance, the same Agr feature associated with the thematic object of a transitive clause will need to also be checked by the single argument of an intransitive clause (whether unergative or unaccusative). It is this same Agr feature that is checked by the thematic subject of a transitive clause when the thematic object undergoes noun incorporation with the verb. This case system is schematized in (20). (20)a. b. Transitive clause: [ Thematically-high-ar8x [Thematically-Iow-argy AgrX AgrY ...

20) illustrates Negative Po larity Li cens ing in wh ich a contextually restricted anyone must be c-commanded by an item with inherent negative force like , item like nobody. (20)a Nobody pers uaded anyone that video games are good for you . b. * Anyone persuaded nobody that video gam es are good for you. c. )Nobody persuaded the principal that anyone was sick. d. *A nyone persuaded the principal that nobody was sick. Finally. (21) shows the same kind of parallel ism between embedding prominence and relational prominence in the domain of NP movement.

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