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By Han-Ru Cho (auth.), D. Schertzer, S. Lovejoy (eds.)

consequences of damaged symmetry -here parity-is studied. during this version, turbulence is ruled via a hierarchy of helical (corkscrew) buildings. The authors tension the original gains of such pseudo-scalar cascades in addition to the extraordinary nature of the ensuing (intermittent) fluctuations. Intermittent turbulent cascades used to be additionally the subject matter of a paper via us within which we express that universality sessions exist for non-stop cascades (in which an unlimited variety of cascade steps happen over a finite variety of scales). This result's the multiplicative analogue of the typical imperative restrict theorem for the addition of random variables. eventually, an attractive paper by way of Pasmanter investigates the scaling linked to anomolous diffusion in a chaotic tidal basin version regarding a small variety of levels of freedom. even supposing the statistical literature is replete with suggestions for facing these random tactics characterised through either exponentially decaying (non-scaling) autocorrelations and exponentially decaying chance distributions, there's a genuine paucity of literature acceptable for geophysical fields displaying both scaling over huge levels (e. g. algebraic autocorrelations) or severe fluctuations (e. g. algebraic possibilities, divergence of excessive order statistical moments). actually, concerning the in simple terms appropriate procedure that's frequently used -fourier research (energy spectra) -permits purely an estimate of a unmarried (power legislation) exponent. If the fields have been mono-fractal (characterized by means of a unmarried fractal size) this is able to be enough, despite the fact that their more often than not multifractal personality demands the advance of latest techniques.

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1991 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 42 D. SCHERTZER AND S. LOVEJOY 1. 1. The unification of geophysics? An emerging and powerful unifying problematic of geophysics is being increasingly recognized: the extreme variability of geophysical phenomena and processes over wide ranges of spatial/temporal scales, which easily cover nine orders of magnitude (earth radius scale! g. 30 years/second or 10 days/millisecond). Indeed, what has been felt to be a growing and ubiquitous difficulty in geophysics, is more and more perceived as afundamental symmetry: a common behaviour at different scales (scaling behaviour).

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The most important observed features can be understood in terms of four basic mechanisms. 1. Non-dispersive and semi-dispersive patches As already stated, different paths can never intersect. This means that the particles inside the islands in fig. , they form a permanent block or patch. It should be noted that in certain cases an area is surrounded by a smooth curve with very small openings. In such cases a particle that starts in the surrounded area needs a very long time until it hits one of the small openings and leaks out.

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