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By Svetlana Vogeleer, Liliane Tasmowski

This choice of experiences by way of top students within the box specializes in the semantics of non-definite (bare and indefinite) plural NPs. The contributions within the first half be aware of naked plurals and their cross-linguistic opposite numbers. They speak about applicability of the concept of ‘semantic incorporation’ to reveal plurals by means of contrasting them to reveal singulars, with the purpose of accounting for the interplay among the semantics of quantity and the measure of (in)dependency of the NP with admire to the verb. The articles within the moment half learn the connection among the semantics of quantity and the semantics of point. The contributions within the 3rd half pay attention to non-definite numerical noun words through addressing a number of basic questions equivalent to: the semantics of indefinite time-phrases, numericals in classifier- and non-classifier languages, scope interactions, the at least- and exactly-readings, referential houses of numericals. the amount can be welcomed via linguists drawn to the semantics of quantity in non-definite NPs.

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In morphologically complex, polysynthetic languages, incorporation is widely attested and, aside from distinguishing it from compounding structures at times, relatively easy to identify. It becomes more difficult, though, when one examines bare singular noun phrases adjacent to verbs which may, or may not, be incorporated forms. The examples in (5) are of this sort (note: [sg] identifies the stem as non-plural in form, and does not rule out a number-neutral interpretation): (5) a. Anu kitaab paRh rahii hai.

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