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By Gilbert Thompson

Tony Seed, Gilbert Thompson, Jackie Downs and John MacDermot on the book's release in London

This e-book brings jointly in a single quantity fifteen Nobel Prize-winning discoveries that experience had the best impression upon clinical technology and the perform of drugs throughout the twentieth century and as much as the current time. Its total target is to enlighten, entertain and stimulate. this is often specially so if you happen to are focused on or considering a occupation in clinical learn.

someone drawn to the details of a particular award or Laureate can receive targeted info at the subject by way of gaining access to the Nobel Foundation's web site. by contrast, this e-book goals to supply a much less formal and extra own view of the technology and scientists concerned, by means of having fashionable teachers write a bankruptcy each one a few Nobel Prize-winning discovery of their personal components of curiosity and services.

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Qxd 11/4/2011 b1268 36 9:17 AM Page 36 Nobel Prizes that Changed Medicine A. V. Hoffbrand Fig. 4. The role of methyl-cobalamin in folate metabolism and biochemical basis of megaloblastic anaemia (see text). A, adenine; C, cytosine; G, guanine; T, thymine; U, uracil; MP, DP, TP, mono-, di-, tri- phosphate; DHF, dihydrofolate; THF, tetrahydrofolate. methylTHF accumulates in plasma because of the intracellular block in its conversion to THF whereas the intracellular levels of all folates are reduced.

The normal daily requirement is now known to be about 1 µg. A haematological response in PA can be obtained with this very low dose. A normal diet contains roughly 15 µg of which 1 µg is absorbed by the active intrinsic factor mechanism. This amount does not provide sufficient vitamin B12 in the absence of intrinsic factor, as occurs in PA. The much larger amount of vitamin B12 Minot and Murphy fed their patients, however, allowed sufficient vitamin B12 to be absorbed, in the absence of intrinsic factor, by passive diffusion through the buccal, gastric and upper small intestinal mucosae.

He was a most impressive man of great physical as well as intellectual stature. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly in 1967 when I was undertaking research on folate in Maurice Friedkin’s laboratory in Boston. 34 It was shown to be a glycoprotein. Forty litres of gastric juice yielded 8 mg of intrinsic factor which could bind 240 µg of vitamin B12. Booth and Mollin35 later showed that the role of intrinsic factor was to promote vitamin B12 absorption through the distal ileum in humans. qxd 11/4/2011 b1268 9:17 AM Page 33 Nobel Prizes that Changed Medicine The Discovery of the Cure for Pernicious Anaemia, Vitamin B12 33 the Royal Free Hospital in London when, in 1928, she was invited to go to Bombay to investigate the macrocytic anaemia (‘pernicious anaemia’) of pregnancy.

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