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Nigeria’s incongruence begins and ends with its people. The country’s human diversity is much like a stew of many different ingredients, all simmering together in one pot. However, unlike most well-planned stews, this pot hold ingredients that sometimes don’t taste very good when put together. This describes the mix of people living in Nigeria today. q 8/4/03 11:48 AM Page 52 52 Nigeria terror and tragedy. These divisions can be illustrated by a tragic event that occurred in November 2002. The Miss World Pageant was to be held in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja.

Cotton, tobacco, sugar, and other raw materials were then shipped from the New World to the European colonial power, forming the second leg of the triangular trade. Then, to complete the triangle, manufactured goods, weapons, and other raw goods were shipped to Africa to trade for more slaves. The process was then repeated. The main beneficiary for all of this economic activity was, of course, the European nations. q 8/4/03 11:45 AM Page 37 Nigeria’s Early History England, Spain, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands sought and developed colonies in order to advance their efforts in the triangular trade.

D. when the Benin kingdom was at its most powerful. EMERGENCE OF GREAT KINGDOMS By the start of the second millennium, trade routes between areas in northern Nigeria and other areas of North Africa began to develop. Traders would bravely cross the Sahara to barter with the peoples living in what is now northern Nigeria. These northerners would then serve as a trade link between North Africans and other peoples further south. Beads, weapons, glassware, utensils, and cloth were important trade items.

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