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37-38). 47-49). 2. After the teaching of Jesus, his impact on his contemporaries and their reaction is described. 110). 18-23). e. 31-35). 3. ), a prayer which has been composed for them (here the corresponding movement is from human beings to God). In the mission discourse we find clear references to the circle of those who hand on the logia source: it is a collection of traditions of itinerant charismatics who continued their itinerant life after the death of Jesus in order to spread his teaching further.

Josephus offers himself as a witness to an exorcism by one Eleazar in the presence of Vespasian and his officers: The healing took place in the following way. He held under the nose of the man possessed a ring containing one of the roots indicated by Solomon, made the sick man sniff it and thus drew out the evil spirit through his nose. The man possessed immediately collapsed, and Eleazar then abjured the spirit never again to return to the man, pronouncing the name of Solomon and the sayings which he composed.

Where they do not correspond with Mark, they also diverge from each other. Thus the Gospel of Mark begins with the baptism of Jesus. We hear nothing of Jesus' childhood. Matthew and Luke add accounts ofJesus' birth and infancy, but deviate from one another in so doing: according to Matthew, Jesus comes from Bethlehem; according to Luke he comes from Nazareth. According to Matthew his family are political refugees escaping to Egypt from a massacre of babies in Bethlehem; according to Luke they are model taxpayers who go to Bethlehem on the emperor's orders to register for taxation.

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