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Since the responses need to be singularly and unambiguously assigned to each event, the interstimulus time needs to be at least as long as the typical width of the BOLD response curve (8–10 s). Therefore, these experiments need to be very long, and become prohibitively long for certain subject populations such as children and the elderly. When using a constant interstimulus interval (ISI), such as might be used in a block-design paradigm, the optimal ISI is about 10–12 s. Dale101 showed that responses to visual stimuli, presented as rapidly as once every 1 s, can be adequately separated using overlap correction methods.

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44 FUNCTIONAL NEUROIMAGING 6. Gati JS, Menon RS, Ugurbil K, Rutt BK. Experimental determination of the BOLD field strength dependence in vessels and tissue. Magn Reson Med 1997; 38: 296–302. 7. Noll D. 1, 6/21/01). pdf. 8. Lauterbur PC. Imager formation by induced local interactions. Examples employing nuclear magnetic resonance. Nature 1973; 242: 190–1. 9. Mansfield P, Grannell PK. Diffraction and microscopy in solids and liquids by NMR. Phys Rev B 1975; 12: 3618–34. 10. Cohen MS, Weisskoff RM. Ultra-fast imaging.

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