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The same is true for Wicca, and for many, many other groups, including those with no direct knowledge of Masonry. During a Masonic initiation, novices are challenged before entering, blindfolded, bound, read a “charge,” required to take an oath of secrecy, and then presented with tools. These steps will be familiar to many readers. In addition, the Masons are the source of the phrase “the Craft,” a phrase that, for them, refers to both their craft of stonemasonry and their secret order. Because of that, Wiccans call witchcraft “the Craft” (which is where the bad movie got its title).

MAGICAL PRACTICE Magical practice is informed by beliefs, theories, and philosophies. In order to learn about magic, you can't help but learn how magicians think. The workings found in Aleister Crowley's Thelema, for instance, are inseparable from its core statement: “Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law. ” So, I think it is helpful to look at both theory and practice (to use Crowley's phrase3). In part, this is because of my basic outlook that ritual should be consistent with belief and vice versa.

No matter what kind of Wiccan you are, these witch hunts provide a sort of formative mythology and give all Wiccans an ancestry of persecution and martyrdom. Such history resonates powerfully for people, and inasmuch as Wiccans can be said to be a people (or a community, or a movement) it takes on a special significance. Radical witches have a particular interest in the topic of oppression and persecution; they tend to identify with past struggles and bring that feeling of solidarity with a past sister/brotherhood forward into present struggles.

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