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By Luc Boltanski

The detective tale, interested in inquiries, and in its wake the secret agent novel, equipped round conspiracies, built as genres within the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries. through the related interval, psychiatry used to be inventing paranoia, sociology used to be devising new types of causality to give an explanation for the social lives of people and teams and political technological know-how used to be transferring the problematics of paranoia from the psychic to the social realm and looking to clarify old occasions by way of conspiracy theories. In each one example, social truth used to be solid into doubt. We owe the venture of organizing and unifying this truth for a specific inhabitants and territory to the countryside because it took form on the finish of the 19th century.

Thus the determine of conspiracy grew to become the focus for suspicions about the workout of strength. the place does energy particularly lie, and who truly holds it? The nationwide experts which are presumed to be chargeable for it, or different organisations appearing within the shadows - bankers, anarchists, mystery societies, the ruling type? Questions of this type supplied the scaffolding for political ontologies that banked on a doubly disbursed fact: an reputable yet superficial truth and its contrary, a deeper, hidden, threatening fact that was once unofficial yet even more actual. Crime fiction and undercover agent fiction, paranoia and sociology - kind of concomitant innovations - had in universal a brand new method of problematizing fact and of operating during the contradictions inherit in it.

The adventures of the clash among those realities - superficial as opposed to genuine - give you the framework for this hugely unique ebook. via an exploration of the paintings of the nice masters of detective tales and undercover agent novels - G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Le Carré and Graham Greene between others - Boltanski exhibits that those works of fiction and mind's eye let us know whatever basic in regards to the nature of recent societies and the fashionable country.

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Let me point briefly to one other index of this new attention to investigations (we shall come back to the topic in chapter 5). Detective fiction developed concurrently with an important innovation in the realm of psychiatry: the invention and description, by the German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (1970 [1899]), of a new mental illness labelled paranoia. According to Kraepelin, one of the symptoms presented by the victims of this illness was precisely the extension of an inquiry beyond what was reasonable in the ordinary circumstances of life, as if the shape and tenor of reality always presented a problematic character in the patient’s eyes.

The investigator is the one who confronts this perversity. Thus the investigator has to have the same sort of unusual intelligence, the difference being that criminals put their intelligence to work subverting order, while investigators use theirs to restore order. The confrontation is a trial or test, although not in the sense of institutionalized tests, subject to requirements of justification in a public space, of the sort I focused on in an earlier work (Boltanski and Thévenot 2006 [1991]).

It is distinguished from ordinary relations only by the operation of unveiling that sets an apparent but fictitious reality and a hidden but real reality side by side, on the same level. This is why the moment when the conspiracy is unmasked has the properties of a coup de théâtre, a dramatic turn of events. This second reality is inhabited by things, acts, actors, levels, connections and especially powers whose existence, indeed, whose very possibility, had not been suspected by anyone. 15 In detective novels, the unveiling carried out by the detective reveals that even, or especially, those who were supposed to embody reality and who possess the powers required to make it hold together and warrant respect are, or may be, criminals.

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