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By C. Jan-Wouter Zwart (auth.)

Morphosyntax of Verb Movement discusses the phenomenon of Dutch, found in many Germanic languages, that the finite verb is fronted in major clauses yet no longer in embedded clauses. The theoretical framework followed is the so-called Minimalist software of Chomsky (1995), the newest developmental degree of generative grammar. Taking factor with past analyses, the writer argues that word constitution in Dutch is uniformly head preliminary, and that the finite verb strikes to diverse positions in topic preliminary major clauses and in inversion structures.
The ebook includes lucid and unique dialogue of many theoretical concerns in reference to the Minimalist application, equivalent to the relation among syntax and morphology, the character of syntactic licensing, and the constitution of the useful area. whilst, it bargains a survey of the homes of Dutch syntax, a dialogue of past analyses of Dutch syntax and a wealth of fabric from dialects of Dutch and different Germanic languages.

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I will show that the intonational pattern with high pitch on the direct object is the neutral pattern, even if the direct object precedes the adverb. 26 In the literature, the term scrambling is also used for free order of meaningful elements. This use is not intended here, as the order of meaningful elements is relatively fixed. The term object shift is also used for pronoun movement in the Mainland Scandinavian languages (where clitic placement would perhaps be a more suitable term). 32 MORPHOSYNTAX OF VERB MOVEMENT that nonscrambling elements, like resultative predicates, may display it as well.

41 44 MORPHOSYNTAX OF VERB MOVEMENT the right of the particle in main clauses (cf. 6). This will go without demonstration here (see Koster 1975: 119ft). Koster's conclusion that Dutch is an SOV language has deeply influenced the study of Dutch syntax in the generative framework. First, the analysis ofthe main clause word order of Dutch as involving a combination of verb preposing and topicalization has become standard (see among others Den Besten 1977, Thiersch 1978, Koopman 1984, Weerman 1989).

15 If te is absent, so is om: 16 (22) a. b. c. " te kussenl*kussen to kiss/kiss te kussenl*kussen to kiss/kiss kussenl"te kussen kiss/to kiss The complementizer am is never inflected. Embedded questions containing a tensed verb are introduced by a whword and an optional complementizer. The complementizer can be of, ofdat, or dat. " Marie Mary gekust kissed heeft has The complementizer, if present, can be inflected in those dialects that have complementizer agreement. If the complementizer is absent, the inflection shows up on the wh-element: (24) a.

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