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Monsters and Animals ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ, ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ Monsters and AnimalsByKevin SiembiedaPublisher:Palladium Books1998 240 PagesISBN: 0916211126PDF60 MBThe moment version of Monsters & Animals bargains extra pages, extra monsters and animals, various not obligatory participant personality races for the Palladium global, in addition to extra de­tailed info, entire stats, and alterations to make the critters and characters appropriate with the total Palladium Megaverse®.For gamers already accustomed to the Palladium® myth RPG, you can find the maps accompanying every one creature an ex­tremely beneficial consultant in identifying, at a look, the place a par­ticular beast are available. regrettably, particular "encounter tables" will not be supplied simply because a formal and entire set of ta­bles for every state, territory, and terrain for the full global could fill 1/2 this ebook! particular event, sourcebooks andworld books will offer additional info concerning the quite a few existence kinds that inhabit a selected area, in addition to extra international info and historical past. oronsharingmatrix eighty five

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