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By Peter L. Berger, Thomas Luckmann

Certainties of orientations are eroding, identities are being wondered. The expanding pace of social improvement is giving upward push to such developments by means of altering regular constructions and social certainties verified through the years. conventional wisdom -- that's handed on from one new release to the subsequent via the church, the nation, colleges and households -- is changing into superseded at an accelerating speed. the conventional associations used for orientation are being supplemented by way of lately emerged ones. Conflicts among competing orientation are being supplemented by way of more moderen ones. Conflicts among competing orientation at the provide part are resolved via the "market," and varied self-definitions can be incompatible. sensible elites are being referred to as upon to give a contribution their proportion to stabilizing society's destiny. potent orientation has to grasp the problem of reconciling separately significant strategies for all times and prerequisites as a manner of preserving social cohesion.
in accordance with Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann, the explanations for the fashionable crises of that means contain prosesses of modernization, pluralism and -- in Europe particularly -- secularization. As a problem-solving process, the authors suggest a process of intermediate associations to mediate among the person and society.

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Relarional nerworksof interection rvhcrever thcy continueto cxist- belongto the socialinsritutions which scrvefor the producrionand communication of nreaning. Furthermore,it is more and more likely that, for example,the well-meaning unclenot only lives far away but is alsohopelesslyconfusedby his own love life. The samecan be saidfor problemsin the arcaof work - worricsabout rraining,troubLes suitable with the bossandwith colleagues, unemploymentandat somepoint,usuallyin the middleof a career,the incscapable rcalizationthat cvcrythinghasbecnachievedthat could be hopedfor and that from can at bcst hope ro evoid downwardsocialmobility.

Put diffcrently: the range of pregiven, unqucstioned assumptionsexrendcdto lhe largestpart ofhuman existence. Modernization fundamentalLychangedthis. Birth and deathare still - only just - determined by fate. In parallel to the plurality of possible choiccs at a natcrial level multilayered processesof modernization open up x rarge of options at thc social and intellectuallevcl: 44 which job should I take up) Vhom shall I marry? Ifow shorrld I bring up nry children? Even the gods can be sclectedfronr a range of possible options.

They communicatemeaningto rhc individualand to the commu, nities of lifc in vhich thc individual grows up, works and dies. l hey determine subjective neaning in rvide areas of acrion, whilst the objcctified meaning of theseactionsis dictatedby the big institutions of domination and the econorly. All dris gocs on in all socieriesin one way or another, but it occurs with diffcring degreesof succcss. Vc therefore first pursued the qucstior whethcr there are gencral reasonsfbr thesediffcrences. Our first concern was wirh pcrson:rl identity, the individual reference point of the mcaning of action and life.

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