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14. 4 Estimate the cost of materials of a 3-phase, 250 kW, 2300 rpm brushless AFPM machine. The internal stator does not have any ferromagnetic core. The twin-type external rotor (Fig. 4d) consists of sintered NdFeB PMs (40 poles) glued to two solid steel discs. 5 kg. S. 40. 00. 00. 69 2 Principles of AFPM Machines In this chapter the basic principles of the AFPM machine are explained in details. Considerable attention is given to the magnetic circuits, windings, torque production, losses, equivalent circuits, sizing procedure, armature reaction and performance characteristics of AFPM machines.

E. losses in backing solid steel discs supporting PMs are due to the pulsating flux produced by rapid changes in air gap reluctance as the rotor passes the stator teeth. The magnetic permeability of a solid steel disc varies with the z axis (normal axis). 11) for ν = 1. e. 57), µr is the relative magnetic permeability and σF e is the electric conductivity of the solid ferromagnetic disc. 56). 65). 60). 6 Eddy Current Losses in Stator Conductors For slotted AFPM machines the eddy current losses in the stator winding are generally ignored as the magnetic flux penetrates through the teeth and yoke and only small leakage flux penetrates through the slot space with conductors.

E. 28). e. 33). For the toroidal type winding the winding factor kw1 = 1. c. 38) where N1 is the number of armature turns per phase, l1av is the average length of turn, ap is the number of parallel current paths, aw is the number of parallel conductors, σ1 is the electric conductivity of the armature conductor at given temperature (for a copper conductor σ1 ≈ 57 × 106 S/m at 20o C and σ1 ≈ 47 × 106 S/m at 75o C), and sa is the conductor cross section. 39) in which l1in is the length of the inner end connection and l1out is the length of the outer end connection.

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