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By Evans M.W., Prigogine I. (ed.)

The hot version will give you the sole complete source to be had for non-linear optics, together with particular descriptions of the advances over the past decade from world-renowned specialists.

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This possibility becomes consistent with the observed physical behavior during total reflection. optical effects of an extended electromagnetic theory 27 As a next step the electric and magnetic fields have to be matched at the interface. This raises three questions that must be faced, in common with those of conventional theory [35]: 1. The first issue is due to the expectation that the transmitted and reflected waves are no longer in phase at the surface x ¼ 0 with the incident wave. 2. The second question concerns the amplitude ratios between the reflected and incident waves.

Equations (62) and (60) then yield the condition qt ¼ À n2j " d pt <0 ð63Þ For total reflection, however, there should be no flow of energy into medium II, and the transmitted wave then must represent an energy flow directed parallel to the interface, thereby limited in amplitude to a narrow layer at the vacuum side of the interface [35]. This excludes the negative value of qt given by Eq. (63) and the form (59). It does therefore become impossible to match the inhomogeneous (damped) EM waves in region I by a homogeneous (undamped) EM wave in region II.

The case of small linewidth is demonstrated by the form (113), where the amplitude in k space drops to 1=e of its maximum value for Ák ¼ k À k0 ¼ 1=z0. Then the linewidth Ák=k0 ¼ 1=k0 z0 becomes small for k0 z0 ) 1. Applying Eqs. (114) and (116) to the field quantities (92)–(97) and introducing the notation "   #   pffiffiffi  g0 "z 2 p E0 ¼ E0 ð"zÞ ¼ þik0"z ð117Þ exp À 2z0 k0 z0 r0 36 b. lehnert the wavepacket field components now become Er ¼ ÀiE0 ½R5 þ ðy00 Þ2 R2 Š ð118Þ Ej ¼ E0 y0 ðsin aÞðcos aÞ½R3 À ðy00 Þ2 R1 Š Ez ¼ E0 y0 ðcos aÞ2 ½R4 þ ðy00 Þ2 R1 Š   1 Br ¼ À ðsin aÞÀ1 Ej c   1 Bj ¼ ðsin aÞEr c   1 Bz ¼ Ài E0 ðcos aÞ½R8 À ðy00 Þ2 R7 Š c ð119Þ ð120Þ ð121Þ ð122Þ ð123Þ and   e " ¼ Ài 0 E0 ½R6 þ ðy00 Þ2 R9 À ðy00 Þ4 R1 Š r r0 ð124Þ c  f þ C Á A ¼ ir0 E0 ½2R4 À Rðcos aÞ2 þ 2ðy00 Þ2 R1 Š ð125Þ where y0 ¼ k0 r0 y00 ¼ y0 ðcos aÞ ð126Þ and d ðr2 RÞ dr R1 ¼ r2 R R2 ¼ R3 ¼ r2 Dr R R4 ¼ ð1 À r2 Dr ÞR ð128Þ d ½ð1 À r2 Dr ÞRŠ dr   d 1 À 2 þ r RÞ R7 ¼ dr r R6 ¼ Dr ½ð1 À r2 Dr ÞRŠ ð129Þ R5 ¼  R8 ¼  d 1 þ ðr2 Dr RÞ dr r ð127Þ R9 ¼ Dr ðr2 RÞ À ð1 À r2 Dr ÞR ð130Þ ð131Þ In the rest frame K 0 analogous deductions can be made for small linewidths because k00 z00 ¼ k0 z0 ) 1 ð132Þ optical effects of an extended electromagnetic theory 37 according to the Lorentz transformation of Eqs.

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