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By Charles Denroche

Metonymy and Language presents a brand new concept of language and conversation during which the critical concentration is at the notion of metonymy, the popularity of partial suits and overlaps. by utilizing unique info units and rigorous basic learn, Denroche characterizes metonymy as key to knowing why language is so ‘fit for objective’ and the way it achieves such nice subtlety and adaptability. This examine develops the idea of ‘metonymic competence’ and demonstrates that metonymic habit is usually pursued for its personal sake in leisure actions, akin to quizzes, puzzles and play, and indicates the potential influence of the appliance of metonymic processing thought to expert fields, equivalent to language educating and translator education. additionally, it proposes a study process with metonymy at its heart, ‘metonymics,’ which Denroche indicates may supply a strong framework for addressing concerns in different fields of perform within the arts and sciences.

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Lakoff expresses this idea thus: “As common as novel metaphor is, its occurrence is rare by comparison with conventional metaphor, which occurs in most of the sentences we utter” (Lakoff 1993:237). 1 Comparison of terms Davidson (1979) Lakoff & Johnson (1980) Kittay (1987) Black (1993) Searle (1993) Gibbs (1994) Goatly (1997) Cameron (2003) Knowles & Moon (2006) Terms corresponding to my category of ‘conventional’ metaphor Terms corresponding to my category of ‘novel’ metaphor DEAD metaphor metaphor DEAD metaphor WEAK metaphor DEAD metaphor DEAD metaphor DEAD metaphor LINGUISTIC metaphor CONVENTIONAL metaphor LIVING LITERAL IMAGINATIVE metaphor metaphor NOVEL metaphor STRONG metaphor METAPHORIC utterance NOVEL metaphor ACTIVE metaphor PROCESS metaphor CREATIVE metaphor spontaneous, one-off metaphors.

Comparing it to Lakoff’s Conceptual Metaphor Theory approach, ‘blended space’ theory has a wider scope, applying to all types of blend, not just metaphoric blends but also literal blends. The blend between BREAKFAST and LUNCH to give brunch (Radden 2008a:398) and the concept of Jewish Pizza (Lakoff & Johnson 1980/2003:263) are literal blends. Because blends other than metaphoric blends are included, and because many input spaces can concurrently combine in creating a blend, in blended space theory there is no emphasis on directionality.

It is because they are essential that the consequences are so great when they go wrong. Broca-type aphasia, the impairment of the ability to structure language, is an example of the disastrous effect of a lesion affecting the Grammar Processor. But to say the operations are simple is not to underestimate their importance or undervalue the scholarship in these areas, in fact, the x-bar/minimalist approach to syntax (eg Radford 1997) and the single-principle ‘relevance’ approach to pragmatics of Sperber & Wilson (1986) suggest that scholars in these fields see it this way, too.

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