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Suppose a researcher compares employment performance in Sweden, Italy, and the United States during the 1990s. The analyst might argue that performance was strongest in the United States, followed by Sweden and then Italy, and that non-market institutions and policies were weakest in the Lane Kenworthy and Alexander Hicks 15 US Employment performance Good United States and strongest in Italy, with Sweden in between. Among these three countries, the ranked positions on the two variables are consistent, which supports the notion that “rigidities” had an adverse effect on employment outcomes.

The within-regime analysis aims to account for the unexplained variation among countries within regimes; it is akin Lane Kenworthy and Alexander Hicks 23 to attempting to account for the residuals in a large-N quantitative analysis. Through his combination of within-case process-oriented and crosscase contextual analysis, Ebbinghaus finds that it is not only the incentives provided by welfare state pathways to early retirement that explain the cross-national variations but also the particular strategies of employers and workplace representatives in coping with particular economic pressures caused by different production strategies.

Pp. 467–510 in Welfare and Work in the Open Economy, Volume II: Diverse Responses to Common Challenges, edited by Fritz W. Scharpf and Vivien A. Schmidt. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dingeldey, Irene. 2002. ” Journal of Social Policy 30: 653–72. Ebbinghaus, Bernhard. 2005. ” International Sociology 20: 133–52. Ebbinghaus, Bernhard. 2006. Reforming Early Retirement in Europe, Japan and the USA. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ebbinghaus, Bernhard and Jelle Visser. 1999. ” European Sociological Review 15: 135–58.

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