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By Eun-Ju Noh

Eun-Ju Noh's ebook presents an in depth examine linguistic metarepresentation exhibiting how ideals, utterances, and propositions are represented and the way they're inferred. the writer explains how metarepresentation works in a variety of kinds of makes use of: quotations, negation, echo questions, and conditionals when it comes to fact stipulations and pragmatic enrichment. considerable examples are supplied from the English language. The Read more...

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Davidson would presumably argue that in this case, the demonstration is not encoded but pragmatically inferred, or linguistically ellipsed. In either case, a further stage of the analysis might be supplied. Notice, next, that in free indirect speech, the whole of the matrix clause must be treated as either inferred or ellipsed. Consider (71): (71) Mary: Did you ask Jane why she didn’t come? Peter: She had an exam on Wednesday. In (71), Peter may be understood as reporting Jane’s claim that she had an exam on Wednesday.

No one, could have been more auxious [sic. anxious] to help him find Jasmine... [Mackenzie, Rich Relative ch. 6] (57) And if Grandmamma should die? Why then in this great house she, Mary Flower, should be all alone. [id. Seven Ages of Woman ch. ] According to Kruisinga, the past tense of “was sure” and “could have been” in (56), and the auxiliary verb “should” in (57), show that the utterances are indirect speech. Finally, Kruisinga analyses echo questions as examples of free indirect speech. Let us look at his examples (p.

Consider (41): (41) a. ” b. Socrates said that we should know ourselves. (41a) is a case of direct quotation and (41b) of indirect quotation. ” Such mismatches are sometimes more acceptable. Mittwoch (1985) gives examples (43a–b), taken from a newspaper and a linguistics journal, respectively: (43) a. ” b. 3. Another similar restriction is that there should be no clashes in agreement between the quoted and non-quoted parts of the sentence. ” Finally, mixed quotations should be distinguished from both reported speech and thought on the one hand, and mention on the other.

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