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By L. Elleström

This can be a methodical research of the cloth and psychological limits and probabilities of moving details and media characteristics between assorted media. Elleström proposes a version for pinpointing the main important conceptual entities and phases in intermedial transfers regarding diverse media varieties reminiscent of speech, writing, track, movies, and internet sites.

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Heffernan’s oft-cited formula, ‘ekphrasis is the verbal representation of visual representation’ (1993: 3); note that ‘visual’ must be understood as ‘visual and iconic’ to make sense (ekphrasis is not understood to include, for instance, verbal representations of written literature, which is evidently visual). Claus Clüver further widened the notion of ekphrasis when he defined it as ‘the verbal representation of a real or fictitious text composed in a nonverbal sign system’ (1997: 26; the definition is slightly modified in 1998: 49).

A still photograph may depict and deict the same text from Woolf ’s diary but also may represent Vanessa Bell’s 1912 portrait of the author. A piece of music may deict and depict Martin Luther King’s speech, ‘I Have a Dream’, delivered on 28 August 1963, by including its recorded sound and elaborating its rhythm and sound qualities. That virtually no limits exist for how media products may be represented by different types of media in various ways is safe to say and does not mean that having a methodical approach to the diversity of complex media representation is impossible.

Although this division is not the same as the differentiation between ‘pure’ media representation and media representation that includes some amount of transmediation, that a correlation exists is clear: a media representation involving only the empty shell of the source medium is liable to be rather simple and a media representation embracing transmediated media characteristics is likely to be fairly complex. Numerous terms may refer to what I call simple representation. Because thoroughly relating these terms and the many notions that they denote to one another would lead much too far, I only mention some illustrative examples.

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