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By Carl D. Meyer

This can be a strong total booklet that is going past your easy linear algebra texts akin to Leon. if you are at the fence approximately paying for it, simply google Carl Meyer. His web site has a electronic replica of the textual content, so that you can try it out and judge if it truly is worthy procuring. I commend the writer for making the electronic copies on hand, that is unusual for an writer to do. So in the event you locate the textual content worthy, please purchase it!

Oh, incidentally, the textbook features a cd with searchable pdf copies of the ebook and options handbook. That on my own units this article except such a lot others.

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Symmetric matrices whose k-th power is the identity Let A ∈ Mn (R) be symmetric. We suppose that there exists a positive integer k such that Ak = In . 1◦ ) Show that, necessarily, A2 = In . 2◦ ) Show that if k is odd then A = In . 167. Bounding the square roots of In For a positive integer n, let Xn = A ∈ Mn (R) A2 = In . Is the set Xn closed? Is it bounded ? 168. Commuting with all the permutation matrices A matrix Mσ = [mij ] ∈ Mn (R) is called a permutation matrix when mij = 1 if σ(j) = i, mij = 0 if σ(j) = i, 43 where σ : {1, 2, ...

Question: is f differentiable on R? 31 The limit of an integral 122. Let f : [0, 1] → R be a continuous function. We then define: 1 For all x > 0, F (x) = 0 x f (t) dt. x2 + t 2 Prove that F (x) has a limit as x → 0 and determine this limit. The intermediate value property for derivatives 123. Let I be an open interval of R and let f : I → R be a differentiable function. We note A = {(x, y) ∈ I × I ; x < y} . 1◦ ) Check that A is a convex subset of R2 . 2◦ ) For (x, y) ∈ A, define g(x, y) = f (y)−f (x) .

2◦ ) Let E be the ellipse in the plane whose Cartesian equation is x2 y 2 + 2 = 1, a2 b with a b > 0. The center of the ellipse is the origin denoted by O. Consider two points M and N on the ellipse such that the triangle OM N is rightangled, the right angle being at O; in other words, the two radiuses OM and ON of the ellipse are perpendicular. Prove that the line M N is tangent to a circle centered at O and whose radius is to be determined. 155. A tetrahedron with faces of equal areas Let us consider a tetrahedron whose four faces have the same area.

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