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By César Pérez López (auth.)

MATLAB is a high-level language and atmosphere for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. utilizing MATLAB, you could learn facts, increase algorithms, and create versions and purposes. The language, instruments, and integrated math services assist you to discover a number of methods and succeed in an answer swifter than with spreadsheets or conventional programming languages, comparable to C/C++ or Java.

MATLAB Linear Algebra introduces you to the MATLAB language with functional hands-on directions and effects, permitting you to fast in achieving your targets. as well as giving an advent to the MATLAB surroundings and MATLAB programming, this ebook presents the entire fabric had to paintings in linear algebra conveniently. as well as exploring MATLAB’s matrix algebra features, it describes the MATLAB instructions which are used to create - and three-d pics, together with particular, implicit and parametric curve and floor plotting, and numerous equipment of information illustration. tools for fixing platforms of equations are designated.

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Diff (V) Gives the vector of first differences of V (Vt - Vt-1). gradient (V) Gives the gradient of V. del2 (V) Gives the Laplacian of V (5-point discrete). fft (V) Gives the discrete Fourier transform of V. fft2 (V) Gives the two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform of V. ifft (V) Gives the inverse discrete Fourier transform of V. ifft2 (V) Gives the inverse two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform of V. These functions also support a complex matrix as an argument, in which case the result is a vector of column vectors whose components are the results of applying the function to each column of the matrix.

Strrep (c, 'exp1', 'exp2') Replaces exp1 by exp2 in the chain c. findstr (c, 'exp') Finds where exp is in the chain c. isstr (expression) Returns 1 if the expression is a string and 0 otherwise. ischar (expression) Returns 1 if the expression is a string and 0 otherwise. strjust (string) Right justifies the string. (continued) 34 Chapter 2 ■ Variables, Numbers, Operators and Functions blanks (n) Generates a string of n spaces. deblank (string) Removes blank spaces from the right of the string. eval (expression) Executes the expression, even if it is a string.

All (A) Returns 1 for each column of the matrix A with all non-null elements and returns 0 for each column of the matrix A with at least one null element. find (V) Returns the places (or indices) occupied by the non-null elements of the vector V. isnan (V) Returns 1 for the elements of V that are indeterminate and returns 0 for those that are not. isinf (V) Returns 1 for the elements of V that are infinite and returns 0 for those that are not. isfinite (V) Returns 1 for the elements of V that are finite and returns 0 for those that are not.

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