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By Sadri Hassani

Intended to persist with the standard introductory physics classes, this booklet has the original characteristic of addressing the mathematical wishes of sophomores and juniors in physics, engineering and different comparable fields. Many unique, lucid, and appropriate examples from the actual sciences, difficulties on the ends of chapters, and bins to stress vital thoughts aid advisor the scholar throughout the material.

Beginning with experiences of vector algebra and differential and quintessential calculus, the publication keeps with endless sequence, vector research, complicated algebra and research, traditional and partial differential equations. Discussions of numerical research, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, and the Dirac delta functionality supply an advent to fashionable themes in mathematical physics.

This new version has been made extra easy via association into handy, shorter chapters. additionally, it comprises a completely new part on chance and lots of new fabric on tensors and imperative transforms.

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33): ecp1 o e and ecp at our disposal, 17 we can determine r e0z cose ) = ep cose - ez sine. Thus, spherical unit vectors in terms of cylindrical unit vectors spherical unit vectors in terms of Cartesian unit vectors er = ep sine + ez cose, ee = ep cose - ez sine, ecp = ecp. 45) The inverse relations can be obtained as before. We leave the details of the calculation as an exercise for the reader. 43) are very useful when calculating vector quantities in spherical and cylindrical coordinates as we shall see in many examples to follow.

B) Determine an equation for the plane passing through the points (2, -1, 1), (3,2, -1), and (-1, 3, 2). 11. Derive the law of sines for a triangle using vectors. 12. Using vectors, show that the diagonals of a rhombus are orthogonal. 13. Show that a necessary and sufficient condition for three vectors to be in the same plane is that the inner product of one with the cross product of the other two be zero. 14. Show the following vector identities by writing each vector in terms of Cartesian unit vectors and showing that each component of the LHS is equal to the corresponding component ofthe RHS.

2268er . 1724 2keq , a Eo = E . 0567eo . 0152eo . 2268eo . 1558 2 , a Erp a = E . 0567erp . 0152erp . 2268erp . 0294 2keq . a The choice of Cartesian coordinates was the most straightforward one, but one can choose any other coordinate system to calculate the field and find the components in any • other set of unit vectors. The reader is urged to try the other choices. 1. Find the equation of a line that passes through the following pairs of points: (a) (1,0,1) and (-1,1,0). (b) (2,2, -1) and (-2, -1, 1).

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