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By Paul Huson

A permanent vintage considering the fact that its ebook in 1970, gaining knowledge of Witchcraft is likely one of the most sensible how-to manuals for these wishing to perform conventional eu Witchcraft as a craft instead of a brand new Age faith. ranging from first ideas, Huson instructs the beginner step-by-step within the arts of circle casting, blessing and banning, the makes use of of amulets and talismans, philters, divination, necromancy, waxen photos, knots, fascination, conjuration, magical familiars, spells to arouse ardour or lust, reach vengeance, and naturally, counter-spells to exorcize and annul the malice of others."A real vade mecum."-The Catholic usher in.

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As an explanation or justification of the belief, I have never felt it held much water. Witch power is not easily impeded by mere clothing. It passes through walls and traverses wide distances easily enough, so why should a few flimsy garments prove such a barrier to it? No, the chief reason for the nudity is a psychological one, the state of release from tension, mundane cares, and sexual inhibition is the aim being striven for here. So if you feel that wearing no clothes may put you in the frame of mind where your magic will work all the better, then that is what you must indeed do.

Lock the door! However, for those who live in chilly climates or who aren't enchanted by the idea of naked frolics, the tabard is the alternative. This at its simplest is a long piece of fairly heavy black material, folded double, with a hole for the head cut at the top, poncho-wise; the sides are sewn up to within about nine inches of the top, leaving holes for the arms to pass through. The completed garment hangs to the ankles. It is belted with the girdle cord. Many practitioners, however, prefer more complicated or flattering garments, in varying colours such as blue, violet, red, green, or white, often with the addition of a hood, or cowl, to be drawn over the head for greater impersonality during a ritual.

Some witches like to place one at each cardinal point of the circle and one on the table of practice in the centre, making five in all. Or if the ritual be one involving a seeing stone or speculum, you will need two or three lights on the table, which in addition to the four cardinal points will make seven or eight in all. Usually, however, the cardinal point lights are used only at full ceremonial coven rituals and are generally common property of the group. For the individual witch, two candlesticks are quite sufficient.

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