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By Mr. Michael W Ford

The Mesopotamian Gods and Demons are provided and restored to the traditional wisdom and gear for the fashionable Luciferian ideology as outlined via Michael W. Ford. Maskim Hul is a whole grimoire of Tiamat-centered magick, sorcery and necromancy constructed from genuine Mesopotamian clay drugs and historic archeological Temple-Cult files . The grimoire outlines the cultures of old Mesopotamia and the theological foundations in their time. Babylonian cosmic constitution and the Enuma Elish are explored and offered in a contemporary interpretation. Tiamat, Kingu and the eleven Chaos-Monsters created through Tiamat are explored, their features, manifestations and the way they survived and existed within the pantheon of Marduk, Ea and the opposite gods. The gods, demons and evil spirits of Mesopotamia are provided besides Cuneiform sigils and documentation in their use in sorcery. The huge Invocations of the Gods, Hymns and the whole starting place of real Kassapu-practice of historic Babylon is available in a concise demeanour. The grimoire is based and devoted to the Seven Sebitti or Maskim, the "Seven Evil Gods" or rebels in addition to Lamashtu, Lilith are offered in a plethora of rituals and their names of calling. The Serpent Gods of fertility, Ishtar printed as a sort of Tiamat (from pantheon resources) and the rites of necromancy and the Black Flame (Melammu) is gifted as a resource of Tiamat-Darkness and upheld through Nergal. Maskim Hul defines sleek magical perform and the theology of the spiritual-rebellion referred to as Luciferianism.

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He caused nothing to come forth in the land, and I approached him not. £:Whom Bel shall call, and who �d this house, this tablet I Warriors with the body of a bird of the desert, men with the faces of ravens9, did the great old gods create. The old gods of the temple of Sitlam, in - the From the Creation TabietJI great power, wisdom and brilliance hidden in darkness. In the ground, the darkness within the earth the gods created his city. TIAMAT, DRAGON-MOTHER gave them suck; she gave them the blood of life.

Warlike Pest-god overthrew Uaite, together with his troops, who not kept my treaty had escaped from before the weapons of Ashur, my lord, and fled before them. Famine arose among them, and for their lmnger they ate the flesh of their children. Beltis, the beloved of &1, the strong one, honored of the goddesses who sits enthroned with Anu and Bel, gored my enemies with her might horns. Ishtar, clothed ill flames and arrayed in brilliancy, rained down fire upon Arabia. The DZTlike pest-god girded on war and overthrew my enemies.

The gods, �tin his lordship"- annihilation to those who opposed it. For if it was not the Assyrians who conquered, they would be vassals of another as we have seen throughout history. Ishtar of Arbela, the great oracle goddess, the warrior goddess and mistress who bathed in the blood of her enemies along with Ashur played a pivotal role as the inspiration of the Assyrians to go forth and conquer. Ishtar is a perfect example of the Goddess within a state of consistent balance with the God, she is both cruel and kind and she bows to no other god!

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