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By Drago Carl Herenda, P. Chambers, A. Ettriqui

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Any particular genotype will be more or less well adapted at different times as the environment changes. But a change in the proportion of genotypes does not influence the numbers in a population. Changes in both the number of individuals and the range of genotypes are decided by changes in the quality of the environment - by the extent of its inadequacy. Ideas about self-regulating mechanisms have gained acceptance because ecologists have found evidence that predators and parasites are not able to limit the abundance of their prey, and they rarely see any evidence of a shortage of food or other resource for the prey, or of them starving.

To human eyes individual plants are both rare and difficult to find; they are "unapparent" (Feeny 1976). However, natural selection will have eliminated all but those individual animals which produce the greatest number of most efficiently dispersing offspring with the best searching behaviour. Only the survivors, those that find their food plants, will reproduce. For most individuals of such species the consequences are grim; they never find a food plant and soon die. But for the population it is good.

Remainder of the leaf stays green and healthy. Photos T. C. R. 1 Tho Australian Psyllids on Eucalyptus I can perhaps best illustrate the differences between the two sorts of animals - and their indifference to each other's worlds - from some of my own experiences. A species of psyllid (Homoptera), Cardiaspina densitexta, lives on its specific host Eucalyptus fasciculosa in South Australia. From time to time this insect erupts into enormous numbers, defoliating trees over large areas of land. My job was to find out why (White 1969, 1970a, b).

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