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Suggestion as power.--Telepathy.--The lacking link.--The final of power.--Life: its power power.--Vibration.--The victory over loss of life.

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The range of vibration is limitless. Evolution is but the passing from octave to octave of Life God and making It, or Him, manifest to sense. By Right Thinking, we may pass thus to immortality as easily as we have passed from post horse to electric motor. This possibility has been prophesied by seer and metaphysician. But it is the claim of the author that this is the first time that the prophecy of Jesus and Paul has been scientifically demonstrated. No scientific demonstration was possible until thought had been demonstrated as a Mode of Motion.

Thought and body are two manifestations of the One. But they are manifestations of two streams of power that start from the One, which, flowing side by side, make by interaction the phenomena of the visible universe. They are never converted, or transformed, into each other. One is ordinarily called matter, the other is called by Science, Ether; by Soul Culture, Spirit. Both are forms of motion. " series of actions and interactions, the poten- tialities of the One are manifest. The process is called Evolution.

Sydney Lanier. From the extreme red to the extreme violet, between which are embraced all the colors visible to the human eye, the rapidity of vibrations steadily increases, the length of the other waves produced by these vibrations diminishing in the same proportions. I say, "Visible to the human eye," because there may be varying degrees of tightness M'ANS GREATEST 38 eyes capable of receiving visual impressions that do not affect ours. There is a vast store of rays, or more correctly waves, beyond the red, and also beyond the violet, which are incompetent to excite our vision; so that, could the whole length of the spectrum, visible and invisible, be seen by the same eye, its length would be vastly augmented.

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