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By Susan Perry

With their tonsured heads, white faces, and notable cowls, the monkeys may perhaps vaguely resemble the Capuchin priests for whom they have been named. How they act is whatever else fullyyt. They climb onto every one other's shoulders 4 deep to frighten enemies. They attempt friendship through sticking their arms up one another's noses. they typically nurse--but occasionally kill--each other's offspring. They use intercourse as a method of speaking. and so they negotiate a remarkably complicated community of alliances, simian politics, and social intrigue. now not monkish, probably, yet as we see during this downright ethnographic account of the capuchins of Lomas Barbudal, their international is as complicated, ritualistic, and dependent as any society. Manipulative Monkeys takes us right into a Costa Rican woodland teeming with simian drama, the place because 1990 primatologists Susan Perry and Joseph H. Manson have the lives of 4 generations of capuchins. What the authors describe is habit as entertaining--and sometimes as alarming--as it really is recognizable: the contest and cooperation, the jockeying for place and standing, the peaceable years less than an alpha male devolving into bloody chaos, and the complicated traditions handed from one iteration to the following. Interspersed with their observations of the monkeys' lives are the authors' colourful stories of the demanding situations of tropical fieldwork--a mix so wealthy that by means of the book's finish we all know what it really is to be a wild capuchin monkey or a box primatologist. And we're left with a transparent experience of the significance of those endangered monkeys for figuring out human behavioral evolution. (20080612)

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M. ) Reluctantly we came to the conclusion that we would have to camp in the forest. We began arranging for the taxi driver to drop us off for a few nights, so that I could run out to the monkeys before dawn and thereby avoid losing them every day. Once we lost them, it often took several days to relocate them, and I could not afford to lose so much work time. We had no cooking equipment, and we got very tired of canned bean paste and tuna that summer. But it was wonderful being out in the forest at night, watching the bats foraging in the moonlight and being awakened by a chorus of howler monkeys just before dawn.

The smaller the difference between two females with regard to dominance rank, the more they groomed each other. The monkeys also seemed to exchange social favors, indicating that they were keeping track of who did what for whom. Females formed coalitions preferentially with the females who groomed them most, although this finding could also be explained in part by the fact that higher-ranking females both received more grooming and were more willing to participate in coalitions in general. Males provided coalitionary aid most frequently to those females who groomed them the most, at least during Paul Bunyan’s term as alpha male following a rank reversal in 1992 (see Chapter 7).

No way! ” cries Laura as she doubles over. ” “I think some Sloanea just flew in the window and went in my eye. It’s not fair! I’m not even in the forest right now! I just can’t go back to the clinic. ” “You have the worst luck. Maybe you should start sleeping in those goggles,” I suggest. “Don’t rub your eye. —and he proudly pulls out a plastic vial and hands it to me. ” We had sent Mino out on a very difficult mission this morning: his job was to track down a male who had migrated out of Abby’s group and collect a fecal sample from him, so we could extract DNA from it and see if he had fathered any offspring while residing in Abby’s group.

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