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By George Simenon, Margaret Marshall

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Is it eleven o’clock already? My train’s at eleven thirty-two, and it’ll take me quarter of an hour to get to the station. ” “Midnight. ” Each was following his own line of thought and the conversation went on in fits and starts. ” “Full of silver,” added the Chief Inspector. “No! He always had a travelling bag containing his personal belongings, for he was very careful of his appearance. Wait a moment! I’ve only once seen him in an ordinary coat. ” And Maigret’s thoughts went to the firm Niel and Co.

The man turned round at once. ” “Police! I am asking you for some information. ” “Not a lot! Letters from the firm where the poor man worked. They came on certain set days. ” “Local papers… Specially from Berry and Cher… And some reviews: La Vie à la Campagne, Chasse et Pêche, La Vie de Château…” The Chief Inspector noticed that the man avoided his eyes. ” The postman suddenly seemed at a loss. “Well, as you already seem to know, and now that he’s dead…” he stammered. ” “No, no address. But you couldn’t mistake them, because there was always typed on the back: Sender: M.

She exclaimed, as if the suggestion was an impertinence. When he came to think of it he could not see her munching a sandwich like any Tom, Dick, or Harry, or drinking tepid wine from one of the railway’s greaseproof paper cups. It was evident that for her dignity was no empty word. She could never have been pretty, but she had good features and, had she been less aloof, she would not have been without some charm, thanks to a certain expression of melancholy in her face, emphasized by the way she held her head, slightly on one side.

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