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Британский египтолог Джеральдина Пинч (Кембриджский Университет) рассматривает связи между мифом и магией, выделяя магическую роль богини Исиды и бога Бэса. Большое внимание уделяется магическим техникам, рассматривается тема Магия и медицина. Анализируются магические тексты, теологические трактаты жрецов, разнообразные амулеты и статуэтки. В заключительном обзоре раскрывается влияние египетской магии на другие культуры и цивилизации.

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2000 BC. 33 MAGIC IN A N C I E N T EGYPT 15 The weighing of the heart of the deceased in the Hall of Justice. The god Anubis adjusts the balance. Thoth stands by to record the result. 'The Devouress' squats by the scales. From The Book of the Dead of the Theban priestess Anhai, c. 1100 BC. 34 Some of the caverns are worlds in miniature, containing deserts, lakes of fire, rivers and islands. These caverns of the Duat were inhabited by a fantastic array of beings. They are shown with human bodies, but the heads of animals, birds, reptiles or insects (figs 5, 31).

Lector priests were an important link between the temples and the outside world because they were allowed to use their knowledge to officiate at funerals. They almost certainly performed other kinds of magical rites for lay people, but this is not so well documented. These services would have been paid for, but it is not clear how much of the fee would have gone to the temple and how much to the individual priest. Since most priests were paid with a fixed share of the temple offerings, it was in their own interests to boost temple revenues.

The figurine was found with a cache of magical objects and papyri in a tomb under the Ramesseum at Thebes. 57 MAGIC IN ANCIENT EGYPT powers and protective spells betray a fear of the magic of foreign women, particularly Nubians. Foreign sorcerers are also listed as a threat, but within Egypt itself evidence for a belief in witches is remarkably lacking. The nearest equivalents were possessors of the Evil Eye. This power of 'ill-looking' people was usually attributed to persons of malicious or envious temperament.

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