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By Anatolii D. Pomogailo, Gulzhian I. Dzhardimalieva, V. N. Kestelman

Data at the synthesis and physicochemical reports of salts of mono- or dibasic unsaturated carboxylic acids and macromolecular steel carboxylates are generalised and defined systematically. The constructions and homes of the COO staff in numerous compounds and attribute beneficial properties of the constructions of carboxylate are analysed. the most routes and kinetics of polymerisation alterations of unsaturated steel carboxylates are thought of. the eye is targeted at the influence of the steel ion at the monomer reactivity and the polymer morphology and constitution. the potential of stereochemical keep an eye on of radical polymerisation of unsaturated steel carboxylates is tested. The digital, magnetic, optical, absorption and thermal houses of steel (co)polymers and nanocomposites and their major functions are considered.

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There have been reported examples of metal alkoxides modification by unsaturated ligands, such as itaconic acid anhydride [95, 96], acetoacetoxyethyl methacrylate [96, 97], p-vinylbenzoic, and p-vinylphenylacetic acids [96]. The key factors used to efficiently control the composition and the size of the formed oxo clusters include the molar ratio of an organic acid and a metal alkoxide and the nature of the metal alkoxide. 4 and 2 the reaction gave rise to compounds [Sn(2 -Oi Pr)(Oi Pr)(O2CR)2 ]2 (R D (Me)CDCH2 , C6 H5 , CH3 ) [98].

The use of nonaqueous media decreases the probability of formation of basic salts and favors the preparation of the purer reaction products in high yields (higher than 95% in the case of Zn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) with double bond content higher than 94%). In the case of triple charged metal cations, for example, Fe(III), Cr(III), and so on, depending on the reaction conditions and the reactant nature, either normal salts [26–29] or trinuclear oxo-carboxylates are formed (see Sect. 3). Metal dicarboxylates appear to behave similarly.

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