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By Wilson de Angelo Cunha

During this quantity Cunha argues that the variations came upon among the Septuagint textual content of Isaiah and the Hebrew of the Masoretic textual content has to be weighed opposed to the literary context within which they're stumbled on. the writer demonstrates that LXX Isa 24:1–26:6 may be obvious as a coherent ideological composition that differs enormously from the best way students have interpreted MT Isa 24:1–26:6. This coherence comes throughout by using convinced lexemes and conjunctions in the course of the passage. The booklet lays the case scribe or translator already had an interpretation prior to he begun the method of translation that formed his translation of the Hebrew textual content into Greek.

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See also idem, “Zur Theologie des Jesajabuches in der Septuaginta,” in Theologische Probleme der Septuaginta und der hellenistischen Hermeneutik (ed. Henning Graf Reventlow; VWGTh 11; Gütersloh: Kaiser/Gütersloher, 1997), 16. 128. Van der Kooij, Oracle, 109. 129. , 93. See also his “Theologie,” 15: “Es liegen mehrere Texte vor, die darauf hinweisen, daß schriftgelehrte Juden zur Entstehungszeit der LXX die Prophezeiungen Jesajas als Vorhersagen lasen und deuteten, genauso wie es später der Fall ist im Neue Testament, Targum Jonatan zu den Propheten und in der frühchristlichen Exegese.

65. , 30–32. 66. , 31. 67. Jean Coste, “Le texte grec d’Isaïe XXV, 1–5,” RB 61 (1954), 37. 68. , 50. 1. Introduction 15 Contrarily, when studied in its own right,69 LXX Isa 25:1–5 presented itself as an ordered and coherent text. 71 In his lexical analysis, he claimed the themes of poverty and deliverance, on one hand, and expectation and messianic gift, on the other, are the themes of LXX Isa 25:1–5. 72 For Coste, therefore, LXX Isa 25:1–5, as a text of its own, betrays the translator’s ideology.

85 Behind this harsh tax policy were Antiochus IV’s war indem80. For a more in-depth discussion of ἄρχοντες in LXX Isaiah, see Frederic Raurell, “ ‘Archontes’ en la Interpretació Midràshica d’Is-LXX” RCT 1 (1976), 315–74. 81. Das Neves, A Teologia da Tradução Grega, 274–75. 82. , 265. On p. ” The reason is that LXX Isaiah is more an interpretation than a translation. 83. , 278. For a critical review of das Neves, see Frederic Raurell, “La teologia de Js-LXX en un studio reciente,” EstFr 76 (1975): 409–21.

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