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By Daniel A. Schulke

The 1st of the mystical dyad Gammæas. From the writer: "The central trouble of the paintings is the Arcana of the Witch's Eye and its mutual interplay with Sentient Luminosity. Treating the dual mysteria of Ocular Malediction (the so-called Evil Eye), and Seership or 'The Sight', the publication proceeds past this duality unto the area of Telaesthesis --the specified perceptual modalities of the Witches' Sabbath, grand abberator of the sensorial box. Explored intimately is the paranormal relation among Hand and Eye, the physique of Void, and the vivification of the mystical photo. As a magico-poetic cartography of the illuminant metaphysic found in the folkloric strata of conventional witchcraft, the sunshine Heretical serves as either homage and grimoire to its Luciferan arcana."

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A young bearded man of handsome face arrayed in a simple white robe, standing before an altar heaped high with fruit and grain. The Fourth. An upright staff intertwined with flowering thorn, atop which was perched a mask of a horned grotesque; from its mouth a scroll proceeded bearing the words PER VIA N O V U M CARNIS DEI R E G N U M ENUNTIABITUR. The Fifth. A nubile maiden, her hair woven with hawthorn flowers, kneels before a phallic herm carved of porphyry; she holds a bowl of perfumed oil.

Each among their number served as a luminous benefactor, giving unto man a specific bequest of Light. The ancients called these magnificents 'Watchers'. Why were they so named, and what did they watch? Some say their eyes were captivated by the sight of mortal women, who were fair to behold. Upon seeing them, their desire was roused, and so they courted them, and embraced them as wives. From their union sprung the Giants or Mighty Ones, as well as the great houses of the Art Magical. Such is the Fascinum of Beauty, the Great Encircler, whose quality of Light binds Seer with the Seen, lures stellar power unto Earth, and serves as Mother of the Generations of the Wise.

In like manner, the origin-points of Light, and luminous events, perpetuate themselves through Void to diverse reception-points and beyond, even unto the infinitude of non-reception. In concert with this principle, every manifest form produces an emanation of light which interpenetrates Void and bears distinct, though hidden, signatures of power. 11 Their mediating power is the Body of Shadow, prefiguring the Perceptible, and, when disciplined, bearing the magical writ of the sorcerer into and from the Abyssal Body.

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