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By Steve Richards

Drawing on a large choice of resources, Steve Richards discusses the full spectrum of good fortune phenomena, from the hidden rules in the back of coincidences to easy oracle platforms that you should use to enhance your good fortune NOW.

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He is buying because he thinks the price is going up instead of down. In other words, he thinks you are wrong. Now bear in mind that this person reads the same newspapers you read, pores over the same charts as you pore over, broods over the same hot tips that you brood over, is almost (but perhaps not quite) as intelligent as you are, and he thinks you are wrong. And what makes the difference is not what the company that issues the stock is doing, but how many others there are like him out there voting against you.

In fact, it is the basis for the so-called Fundamental school of stock speculation, The Fundamental approach has to do with the nuts and bolts of what makes a company run: what new products they are planning to produce, whether they are acquiring other firms (or being acquired themselves), and such esoteric matters as debt/equity ratio, book value, percentage of retained eamings, and whatnot. By studying things of this kind, the Fundamentalist believes he can spot what he calls intrinsic value — a metaphysical something-or-other which may have nothing to do with the price of a stock right at this moment, but which conceivably could affect its long-term prospects.

If he is only willing to pour you a cup of tea for the same coin, you have made a bad investment. Anyone who watched the nonsense that took place in gold prices between 1975 and 1980 will know what I mean. The classic example of this principle in action is the story of the South Sea Company, and I cannot leave the subject without some remarks thereon. The South Sea Company was started by the Earl of Oxford in 1711 to trade with the King of Spain’s possessions in the South Atlantic — hence the name South Sea.

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