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The second one ebook of Falxifer shall proceed the place the 1st e-book left off, because the goal of the entire courses of the T.F.C. is to make to be had the initiatic instruments wanted by means of these of the Blood that allows you to wake up and set ablaze their napping Pneumatic Flames.

The moment publication will once more current an intensive set of either worded and wordless manifestations of Sorcerous Gnosis and supply entry to formerly hidden keys to either high and low kinds of Necrosophic Nigromancy, Necromancy, Ancestral Veneration, natural Sorcery and Daemonology and provides new precise guide approximately how the powers of the insignias, talismans and fetishes of the Lord of the Harvest may be extra hired with the intention to in achieving either temporal and religious energy, victory and transcendence, all by way of jogging within the fiery and blessed footsteps of the 1st Ones who traversed the trails of Nod.

TOPICS: Mythic beginning of our Qayinite Gnosticism, the Veiled Bride of Qayin, Her mystery formulation of Calling and Names of strength, Her sigils and Keys of either low and high sorcery, the darkish lifeless and their hidden and so much anxious elements, the detoxification, protecting and empowering baths, the natural formulation and activations of the 7 Key Sigils of demise, the Mysteries of seventy two Black In eco-friendly, the powers of the 1st Tiller and the workings of His eco-friendly aspect of the cranium, the rites of defense and concealment, the construction, loading and consecration of the aspect-specific fetish of the Lord of the Mound, the secrets and techniques of the 1st lifeless in the Cult of demise and His Sigils of Conjuring, talismanic paintings a crime, the formulation and formality for the making of the Ensouling Tinctures of Qayin, the unified and transcendent element of the Twin-Flame of Sataninsam and the Grand Kliffotic Sigil in their Spirit, additional teachings in regards to the robust lifeless, prayers, invocations and talismanic varieties used for the channelling of the powers of either the soul and the spirit of Qayin and masses extra.

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IIMie did not want to perform � without his aid. me most enraged,� grave already prepared for her, the earth shook once again and the fllf die sentence passed u,. :1: of transgression. this second offering. The Black Light shone anew and the seeds of the :-q • amunoned Qayin and ill Nightside were again scattered into the world in order to cause empowerment of the divine essence, wherever they could take hold, � but as ""i' Qayin deli!! _ crime of fratricide 61111 cultivated by her own lovely hands and by the unnatural power of her Spirit, became awakened to the Cause of Sitra Ahra.

Led the sheep, with which with Qayin and Qalmana. ,. most beautiful woman • by the animals they watched over and the white herding dog that took care of most of their chores and they had no other ambitions , � Kelimat was as lazy as him ied -. "'beir clay-horn natures unif .. had Abel and Kelimat possessed not much more skills than those owned But, still they did lust for their beauteous siblings and their animalistic passions for them grew with each passing season. Unconsciously they hungered not for the flesh of their siblings but for the flames burning inside of them, this reflecting the hunger the Demiurge himself once had felt before luring the Pearl of Awakened 39 Spirit to fall into his own darkness.

Here Adam and Eve, in their forgetful state, toiled and endured. _ E-we saw the sl ... liwa birth a S1lpl As time passed the Twins of Sataninsam grew within Eve, whose spirit now had become strengthened by and integrated into their own, and .... af spirit � .. widDa bsself .. _.. but bad now bea at last the moment of their birth drew near. But, already within the womb of Eve the Twins of Awakened Spirit felt Love and Longing for ... - heheld the .. se af .. dtl and Completeness. e .. Within these unborn twins the longing of the divine aspect, which at 34 a - a of the seed ..

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