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Practical Mysticism

Underhill was once a number one authority on smooth mysticism. Written in advance of global struggle 1, sensible Mysticism stories the works of the best Western mystics, together with Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, and Thomas Г  Kempis. Underhill brings esoteric matters onto a pragmatic footing, exhibiting that the profound presents of mysticism aren't just for the few yet are nearby folks all.

The Cave of the Ancients

A small glimpse into prior background of the Earth and its population who concealed hugely technical gear which to at the present time is still hidden. Lobsang together with his advisor; the Lama Mingyar Dondup, get's to go to the place this expertise is hidden and sees along with his personal eyes this wondrous gear. This know-how is awaiting those that can use it for the advantage of mankind and that point is coming near.

The Rampa Story

Lobsang Rampa's trip maintains as he travels from Korea into Russia, all through Europe, crusing to america, eventually finishing up in England. Lobsang endures seize and additional torture until eventually he once more, escapes by way of riding luxurious autos. during this publication Lobsang inhabits (transmigration) the physique of an English guy (Cyril Henry Hoskins) wanting to go away this global, permitting Lobsang to proceed his designated job.

Dowsing: An expose of hidden occult forces

Disclose of the darkish facet of dowsing. Illustrated.

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Gftlgalta, which means 'skull' in Aramaic, represents the first grave ever dug and the first skull planted into the bloodstained soil of the land. Through these aspects, Qayin manifests His essence as Master of the Mighty Dead, all of whom belong to His Bloodline of Fire. He also acts as the bestower of Necrosophic Gnosis, as well as the sovereign and owner of the 'Dark/Sinister Dead' who are the possessive shades of murderers and suicides. The foremost symbol of Senor de la Cruz Negra is the black Crux Calvaria (Skull Cross).

Veni Qayin ben Samael! Feel the purple-black energies of death fill the contents of the tureen and bind together all the different elements which constitute the baptismal water, making them one single element, or point of sympathy. Open your mind's eye and, as your stir the liquid, behold the dark vortex leading to the Kingdom of the Shadow of Death taking form within the charged water. Put aside the wooden spoon after at least 15 minutes of stirring the contents of the tureen while maintaining the open vortex and chanting the formula of Qayin.

When His offering was rejected by the demiurge, Qayin's wrath towards Abel and his demanding god was fully incurred. It was then that Qayin was guided, through the agency of the flaming blood surging within His veins, to set foot upon the Nightside Path. He beckoned for Abel to follow Him into one of His fields of harvest and murdered him there. Given as a wholehearted sacrifice to Qayin's own true father, Samael, His brother's thin blood was spilt upon the same fertile earth that had earlier accepted the smoke of His burnt offerings.

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