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By William Walker Atkinson

Huge layout for simple analyzing. intensive description of Gnani Yoga through the fellow credited via many as being the 1st to introduce jap philosophies to the west.

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Some scientists go even further, and assert that not only is Life present in everything, but that Mind is present where Life is.  If evolution be true, living matter has been evolved by natural processes from matter which is, apparently, not alive. But if life is potential in matter, it is a thousand times more evident that Mind is potential in Life. The evolutionist is impelled to believe that Mind is potential in matter. ” There is no such thing as non‐vital attraction or repulsion.  Each thing has sufficient life energy to enable it to carry on its work.

For instance, if we take two atoms of the gas called hydrogen and one atom of the gas called oxygen, and place them near each other, they will at once rush toward each other and form a partnership, which is called a molecule of water. And so it is with all atoms—they are continually forming partnerships, or dissolving them. Marriage and divorce is a part of the life of the atoms. These evidences of attraction and repulsion among the atoms are receiving much attention from careful thinkers, and some of the most advanced minds of the age see in this phenomena the corroboration of the old Yogi idea that there is Life and vital action in the smallest particles of matter.

Not only do the highest Occult Teachings inform us that Everything is Alive, but Modern Science has proven to us that Life is present everywhere—even in that which was formerly considered dead matter. It now sees that even the atom, and what lies back of the atom, is charged with Life Energy and Action.  It cannot Die—for it is LIFE. Peace be with thee. 31 Lessons in Gnani Yoga THE THIRD LESSON THE CREATIVE WILL. In our first lesson of this series, we stated that among the other qualities and attributes that we were compelled, by the laws of our reason, to think that the Absolute possessed, was that of Omnipotence or All‐Power.

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