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By Terry Jay Jones (auth.), S. Kwok, S. R. Pottasch (eds.)

Over the decade we have now witnessed a quick swap in our figuring out of the past due phases of stellar evolution. an incredible stimulus to this has been the synthesis of observational info from various wavebands of the electromagnetic spectrum. the appearance of infrared astronomy has resulted in the invention of many luminous. late-type stars obscured via their circumstellar dirt envelope. resources came across within the IRC and AFGL infrared sky surveys have been up through radio observa­ tions, resulting in the frequent use of the OH and CO molecules as probes of the circumstellar envelopes. Advances within the means of aperture synthesis have made attainable observations with unprecedent resolving energy, either in spectral-line and continuum. The good fortune of the new IRAS sky survey, with the detection of over 250,000 resources, brings the promise of much more intriguing years forward. This sector of astronomical examine can be blessed with the shut collaboration among theorists and observers. New principles are continuously being quantitatively proven by means of new info. Theoretical predictions are eagerly used as publications for additional observations. This convention used to be initiated with the subsequent target: collect staff in optical, infrared, radio and theoretical astronomy and allow them to confront one another. in keeping with the post-conference res­ ponses we obtained, a number of the contributors have certainly discovered this Workshop a stimulating event. The Workshop at the overdue levels of Stellar Evolution was once held from 2-5 June 1986 in Calgary, Canada.

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The first published lunar occultations (to the reviewers knowledge) were those by the CalTech group on sources discovered in the 2 Micron Sky Survey (Neugebauer and Leighton 1969). Toombs et al. (1972) reported four- color observations of the 1970-71 occultations of IRC+10216. The results showed clearly that the object was surrounded by an extended shell of complex structure for which the size is a strong function of wavelength. Zappala et al. (1974) reported three-color occultation data for IRC+10011 (CIT 3), again revealing a resolved source.

The difference between the Mira pulsation mass and the white dwarf mass provides an estimate of the mass that will be ejected as a planetary nebula (MPN). Although these figures are clearly very uncertain it is comforting to see that they are of a reasonable order of magnitude 36 M. W. FEAST AND P. A. WHITELOCK Mj 3-0 2'5 2·0 5'0 1·5 1'0 -7 4'5 -6 p- 850days 4·0 / LF (Start of TP-AGB Phase) C7l o ---l L ;g 3·5 Luminosity at Core P- 400dnys P-200days Helium Flash ~ -3 3'0 8 10 9 Log Age Figure 2.

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