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By Amir Dembo, Ofer Zeitouni

Huge deviation estimates have proved to be the the most important software required to deal with many questions in information, engineering, statistial mechanics, and utilized chance. Amir Dembo and Ofer Zeitouni, of the prime researchers within the box, offer an advent to the idea of enormous deviations and purposes at a degree compatible for graduate scholars. the maths is rigorous and the functions come from quite a lot of components, together with electric engineering and DNA sequences. the second one version, published in 1998, incorporated new fabric on focus inequalities and the metric and vulnerable convergence methods to massive deviations. basic statements and functions have been sharpened, new workouts extra, and the bibliography up-to-date. the current gentle hide variation is a corrected printing of the 1998 version.

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F (a|Σ| )). Therefore, for every set A and every integer n, Sˆn ∈ A ⇔ LY n ∈ {ν : f , ν ∈ A}=Γ . 10). 1 Combinatorial Techniques for Finite Alphabets where Ao is the interior of A and I(x)= inf {ν: f ,ν =x} H(ν|μ). 26) λ∈IR where |Σ| μ(ai )eλf (ai ) . 25) that whenever A ⊂ Ao ⊆ K, lim n→∞ 1 log Pμ (Sˆn ∈ A) = − inf I(x) . 2: M1 (Σ) and f , ν for |Σ| = 3. 11) for Γ. By Jensen’s inequality, for every ν ∈ M1 (Σ) and every λ ∈ IR, |Σ| Λ(λ) |Σ| μ(ai )eλf (ai ) ≥ = log = λ f , ν − H(ν|μ) , i=1 ν(ai ) log i=1 μ(ai )eλf (ai ) ν(ai ) with equality for νλ (ai )=μ(ai )eλf (ai )−Λ(λ) .

Note first that there is nothing to prove if DΛ∗ is empty. Hence, it is assumed hereafter that DΛ∗ is non-empty. Fix a point x ∈ ri DΛ∗ and define the function f (λ)=Λ(λ) − λ, x + Λ∗ (x) . If f (λ) = 0, then clearly λ belongs to the subdifferential of Λ∗ (·) at x. ) The proof that x ∈ F is based o . on showing that such a λ exists and that it belongs to DΛ Observe that f : IRd → [0, ∞] is a convex, lower semicontinuous function, and inf λ∈IRd f (λ) = 0. It is easy to check that the Fenchel–Legendre transform of f (·) is f ∗ (·) = Λ∗ (· + x) − Λ∗ (x).

Wtd ) be samples of a Brownian motion at the fixed times t1 , . . 3 The Ga random variables of variances {tj+1 − tj }, respectively. Find the rate function for the empirical mean Sˆn of Xi =(wti1 , . . , wtid ), where wtij , i = 1, . . , n are samples of independent Brownian motions at time instances tj . √ Remark: Note that the law of Sˆn is the same as that of (1/ n) (wt1 , . . 3. d. case. d. case is possible. It is the goal of this section to present such an extension. 30 follows. 1 is devoted to a class of important applications, the large deviations of the empirical measure for finite state Markov chains.

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